Storey Aviation flying Mosquito XET helicopter at Composite FX

Storey Aviation flying Mosquito XET helicopter at Composite FX

Welcome to Storey Aviation, the authorized full service dealer for Composite FX and it's XE Series line of personal helicopters for the US. We are located in Tennessee and we are here to help you achieve your goal of safely purchasing, building, registering, maintaining and yes, even repairing your very own personal helicopter from start to finish.

When purchasing through Storey Aviation, all kit prices and products are the same as the factory. The big difference is location options and unsurpassed Customer Service. We also offer a few more options as dealer offered options and different hourly service rates as we don't have the overhead that the factory has.

We are dedicated to suppling unpresidented customer service before, during and after any sale or service.

This website is designed with the first time buyers perspective in mind along with a lot of information for current owners as well, and not strictly as a sales website of "here are our products".

Yes, we do list the different models of the XE Series helicopters, their standard specifications and our build assist programs and services, but we've worked to also include a lot of the extra information that the first time buyers need to know, just like I needed to know back when I was looking for my first helicopter kit in 2015.

Be sure to keep checking our website often as we update frequently. Especially the BLOGS/FOR SALE page as it is our most updated page with monthly information pertaining to Mosquito XE Seires helicopters.

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Storey Aviation's Annual


Storey Aviation is wishing everyone Well Wishes and Good Health. We look forward to enjoying some great flying weather with our friends, Mosquito community and the whole Experimental Helicopter aviation community family!

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As one of the last flying event's of the flying season, Storey Aviaiton has its annual Fly In at the Storeyrosa here in Finger, TN. There will be flying, food and some of the best camaraderie to help promote our hobby, sport and community of experimental helicopter pilots and builders. It really doesn't matter what brand or if it's experimental or certified, All helicopters and helicopter pilots/enthusiasts are welcomed whether you fly, drive or walk in!

Full details of this event is listed on our "Calender" page.


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What is the XE Series

At the heart of the XE Series line of helicopters lies the proven and well known Mosquito Air. The Mosquito Air was basically replaced with the XE and XEL (Ultralight part 103 legal version) once the XE fuselage series line of helicopters was introduced. As of 2019, the Mosquito Air kit is no longer available and is only supported with parts that are interchangeable with the current XE Series. The next variant to be released was the XET followed by the XE285 which in 2022 was replaced and upgraded with the XE290.

The XE Series line of helicopters all share the same fuselage, rotor head, tail rotor and mechanics, and in a hover, basically have the same feel, responsiveness and stability. However, the differences between each models powerplant is pretty substantial.

Be sure to check out our XE SERIES MODELS page for a quick review of how each of the powerplants between the different models evolved.

The XE Series Helicopter Dimensions:

Rotor Diameter 233.5" or 19.5'

Tail Rotor Diameter  40" or 3.3'

Landing Gear Width  61.5" or 5.1'

Helicopter Height  82" or 6.8'

Fuselage Length 192" or 16'

Overall Length  253" or 21.1'

Cabin Width 25" or 2.1'

Composite FX Mosquito XEL Ultra-lite Helicopter

Composite FX Mosquito XEL Ultra-lite Helicopter

Composite FX Mosquito XE Helicopter

Composite FX Mosquito XE Helicopter

Composite FX Mosquito XE290 Helicopter

Composite FX Mosquito XE290 Helicopter

Composite FX Mosquito XET Helicopter

Composite FX Mosquito XET Helicopter

Storey Aviation, for all your purchasing, build and maintenance assistance needs or questions