There are plenty of options to customize and enhance your XE Series helicopter. You can choose any options when ordering your kit or most options can be ordered after you have finished your kit as add ons.

Storey Aviation Options

Carbon Fiber VHF antenna tail mount

LED Nav/Strobe Package

Door Hinge Stops

Custom 4 Point Quick release seat belt

Carbon Fiber Control Stick connection subpanel. 

Carbon Fiber or paintable Fiberglass Dash GPS Mounts

Battery covers w/LED readout

Custom Cockpit CHECKLIST

Carbon Fiber Headset Jack plate w/Noise Cancelling Power Plug and ON/OFF Switch. 

Custom lead slugs for landing gear tip weights in 1lb, 1 1/2lbs and 2lb slugs.

SA Tow Harness. When your alone and need a way to pull your XE Series helicopter up into your trailer or assistance moving on uneven ground. 

12/24VDC Heater/Defrost System (In development)

Front Mounted Hinge Kit for Doors (In Development)

The Composite FX factory offers a wide variety of options to personalize your helicopter. Some of the most commonly picked factory options include:

Painted Kit (Up to 3 Colors)

Custom Pitot Tube Assembly

Infinity Military Style Grip

S-Curved Cyclic Stick

Padded seat

Aux Fuel Tank

Doors, Clear/Tinted for cold WX flying

Ground Wheels

Storey Aviation LLC