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Central U.S. Dealer for CFX and the Mosquito Helicopter

Storey Aviation

Central U.S. Dealer for CFX and the Mosquito Helicopter

Oshkosh AirVenture 2019 Composite FX booth, Dave Storey and his XET Helicopter

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We are excited to announce that have moved to a 15 acre horse farm that we will be converting to our new shop and heliport where we can work, play, build, maintain and fly out of without having to drive to an airport. The StoreyRosa is finally coming to fruition.

The property currently has a 15’x30’ building on it that we will be converting to a 45’x30’ shop hopefully by the end of the year. This will allow us to have plenty of room for customer builds, assist builds, upgrades and maintenance. Until then we'll be using a large 2 car garage for any services needed while we transition. 

There is local accommodations close by with food options and there is plenty of room for free boondocking style camping on the property. 


StoreyRosa Google Earth

Aerial photo of the Storeyrosa and some of it’s flying area.

West heliport apron

Back 9 “LZ”

East heliport apron

Be sure to call first!

Please check in with us first  for scheduling if you would like to come visit and we'll make arrangments and have the gate open. 

If your driving in:  935 Beene Rd. Finger, TN

If your flying in:  DD (decimal degrees) 35.377222, -88.598055

DMS (degrees, minutes, seconds) N35º22'38", W88º35'53"

Highlighted and latest Video's.

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Please check out our Fly In post on the home and calendar pages. 

October 15/16, 2022

So, what do you do when your stuck at home due to the COVID-19 outbreak? You slow down on flying and work on your passions. To back up a bit, a little over a month ago, I had the opportunity to access some old lead wheel weights. Wanting to try something new, I brought them home and immediately decided to smelt them down into ingots. This past week I found the perfect use for them and permanently fiberglassed the ingots in the nose of the helicopter. The ingots were tapered and were perfect to fiberglass and lock in place. This helps to clean up the looks and eliminate all the weight bags on the dash. Now, I will only use the weight bags when I have the horizontal fins installed.

Smelting old lead wheel weights

Lead weight ingots

Fiberglassing permanent weights to the nose of the Mosquito XET

Found this picture on the internet. Played with a vinyl cutter and a tracing program. I like it!

And then I kept adding to it...

Mosquito XET Horizontal Fin

Composite FX/Storey Aviation Mosquito XET

One of the project's in the works. Can you guess what this is for? And NO, it's not a repair. Support cups for the tail boom for straps when transporting.. I'll continue to post pictures as I work on the project. 

07MAR20. Saran wrapped tail boom for protection.

07MAR20. Six layers of fiberglass the shape of the tail boom. Top layer done.

Fiberglass plate before cleaning up. There are 2 of them. 1 for the top 1/2 and 1 for the bottom 1/2.

Check out EAA Sport Aviation magazines January 2020 article "Bitten By The Bug" about the Mosquito/XE Series line of helicopters. The article includes interviews with Dwight Junkin (Mr. CFX), Mike Messex (another customer/builder turned CFX partner) and myself (as a customer/builder) during the Oshkosh 2019 AirVenture Show (pictured above).

Below is a link to the article in PDF on the Composite-FX Forum and also a picture version for quick reference.


Bitten By The Bug PDF


EAA Sport Aviation JAN2020 Page1

EAA Sport Aviation JAN2020 Page2

EAA Sport Aviation JAN2020 Page3

EAA Sport Aviation JAN2020 Page4

EAA Sport Aviation JAN2020 Page5

EAA Sport Aviation JAN2020 Page6

NEW ITEM!  Custom Cockpit CHECKLIST. After the build and finally getting the chance to actually fly your XE Series helicopter, sometimes the pressure of flying something new and trying to remember everything, and in what order, can be overwhelming. Or, if its just been a while since you've gotten stick time and you need a quick reference guide to safely operate your helicopter. These checklists are designed specifically for the XE Series line of helicopters and is a must for any pilot who takes flying seriously.

These checklists will include on the cover page a picture of your specific helicopter (that you provide) and serial numbers for personalization and quick reference. Printed on 5 X 8 laminated flip cards for quick and easy access to the information you need, yet still small enough to secure in the cockpit. 

These Custom Cockpit CHECKLISTs will be free to our Dealer Assist Build customers, but will also be made available to any of the XE Series helicopter owners. 



Storey Aviation Custom Cockpit Checklist Example

NEW ITEM! Introducing our Carbon Fiber Jack Plates. These Jack Plates are provided with either 12VDC or 24VDC FLIGHT HELMETs brand power supplies that reduce the voltage to the required 9VDC for the noise cancellation systems. I use the 2 standard headset jack version for use of different helmets and just use a "Y" harness for helicopter plugs. 

CFJP01- Holes for 2 standard headset jacks OR 1 single helicopter jack.

CFJP02-12/CFJP02-24- Holes for headset jacks and power plug for Noise Cancelling headsets. 12 & 24VDC options. 

CFJP03-12/CFJP03-24- Holes for headset jacks, power plug for Noise Cancelling headsets and an ON/OFF switch. 12 & 24VDC options.

CFJP04-12/CFJP04-24- Holes for headset jacks, power plug for Noise Cancelling headsets, an ON/OFF switch and an LED power on indicator. 12 & 24VDC options.


Mosquito XET CFJP03-24 and Custom Cockpit Checklist

Enjoyed a great Rotor Pilots Day at the FAA MidSouth Aviation Safety Seminar held at TCAT/KMEM in Memphis TN. A full day of seminars on ways to mitigate risks leading to helicopter accidents. Lead by FAA's Phil Dixon, presentations were given by Bruce Webb (Airbus Helciopters), Fred Harms (FAA retired), Bill Hopper (Director of Safety, Helicopters Inc.), Eric Bratton (Director of Operations, Hospital Wing, Memphis) and Phil Dixon (FAA FAASTeam PM).  We had some GREAT BBQ made on the spot for lunch and along with the XET on static display, the Memphis Police Dept flew in their ASTAR 350B3. So, both sides of the spectrum of helicopter operations were available for show and tell. 

MPD Aviation Unit

Storey Aviation and Mosquito XET at FAA MidSouth Safety Aviation Seminar, Memphis, TN.

MPD at FAA MidSouth Aviation Safety Seminar in Memphis, TN.

OK! Their engine is bigger than mine. I’m ok with that....

2020 CFX Factory Fly-In attended by 1 person

Got the chance to break away and get back down to the Composite FX factory in Trenton FL to work on some future projects with Dwight Junkin, Mike Messex and Phillip Blaha. We did a lot of work and while I was there, I got to have some fun. I got the chance to pull the Mosquito XET out a couple of times and do some flying. As you know, this years 2020 CFX Factory Fly In was canceled due to the CV19 pandemic. I joked around and said I had my very own impromptu, one man, social distancing, CFX factory fly-in for 2020.

I certainly hope the actual CFX Factory Fly In for 2021 has a lot more pilots, we are all back to a normal life and this pandemic of 2020 is long over. Wishing everyone the best of health!

See more of this trip in the PHOTOS/VIDs section.

Mike Messex and Dave Storey watch as Dwight Junkin does all the work!

Making smaller parts out of bigger parts.

Mike Messex with his sheer look of concentration. Also making smaller parts out of bigger ones.

Dave Store, Dwight Junkin and Mike Messex working at CFX factory

Preflight while listening to comments from the peanut gallery...

Mosquito XET by Storey Aviation and CFX

Mosquito XET by Storey Aviation and Composite FX

Mosquito XET by Storey Aviation and Composite FX

Missing all the fellow Mosquito pilots and friends, see you next year!!!

Custom lead slug weights for landing gear skid tips

This months project is melting down some of the lead ingots I made earlier in the year and making some precision lead slugs for the landing gear skid tips. These lead skid slugs are made to slide inside the landing gear skid tips under the skid caps. I made several 1.5lb and 2.0lbs slugs.

Custom Mosquito lead skid weights

Solid lead slug fits snug in the landing gear skid tube.

Can you guess what this is? Hint, you don't use it on a horse but it is used on the XE Series helicopters. Kinda like how you would on a horse.

Stay tuned, more pictures to come...

Sorry, Ive just been waiting for someone to be around when I use it to take a picture or two....


New 2019 Mosquito XET. Factory assist built and loaded with every option available. August 2019 A/W Certification. N300XE. Current HOBBS: 22hrs and counting.

Options include:  New style MGL iEFIS w/gps and artificial horizon, MGL comm w/custom VHF antenna, TRIG 21 XPonder with Uavionix ADSB, tinted doors, horizontal and vertical stabilizer fins, Aux fuel tank, LED nav/strobe/tail kit, high output LED landing light, curved cyclic stick, upholstered seat, magnetic collective friction, C/F main rotor trim tabs, overhauled/blue-printed fuel controller, LED rotor tracking lights, four point custom harness, thicker 3/16 thick tinted windshield and ground handling wheels.

YouTube N300XE Jet A and Sun Set

This gorgeous XET is showroom condition and flys beautifully!

Price: $79,500

UPDATE: SOLD It did not last long at that price!

Mosquito XET N300XE

Mosquito XET N300XE cockpit

Mosquito XET N300XE Solar T62-2A1

LOW TIME 2018 Factory Assist XET Coming on the market with only 10TT hours. Selling for medical reasons. XET N836GG is currently located in Minnesota and comes with an OFF-Highway converted air ride trailer for airport movement.

Options include Aux tank, larger panel, iEFIS Lite, V6 VHF, Trig TT22 Mode-S, fuel flow, AeroLED NAV/Strobes, LED blade tracking lights, vertical tail, Carbon Fiber main blade trim tabs, tinted windscreen and doors with carpet installed in interrior.

Reciepts for over $90,000 invested

Sale Price is $80,000


Mosquito XET N836GG

Mosquito XET N836GG

Mosquito XET N836GG

Mosquito XET N836GG panel with electronic checklist

Mosquito XET N836GG with Custom Off-Road Trailer

Check back soon, may have a new XET coming on the market this summer. And NO, it's not mine...

Customer Testimonials

Dave Storey and the Storey Rosa are the answer to everything Mosquito and offers a knowledge base and expertise that will allow you to attain a comfort level to be able to enjoy your Mosquito Helicopter!! Dave Storey is Top Notch and Very Highly recommended!! The Storey Rosa is an absolutely beautifully manicured ranch that Dave has lovingly transformed into a Mosquito Helicopter Paradise!! Dave's love for the Mosquito is evident from your first phone call and his welcome and friendly nature assures you will have a great experience while you are at the Storey Rosa.

Charles King, Brownwood TX. Mosquito XET

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