Storey Aviation

Central U.S. Dealer for CFX and the Mosquito Helicopter

Storey Aviation

Central U.S. Dealer for CFX and the Mosquito Helicopter

Dave Storey inspecting Composite FX Mosquito XET Helicopter Kit

Build Programs

There are 5 different Build program options allowing you to choose the program that is right for you, your budget, experience level and time frame.

Option 1: D.A.B.

The D.A.B. (Dealer Assist Build/Storey Aviation) option is a program where you can build your helicopter at the Storey Aviation facility in Middle Tennesse. There are several different assistance levels that you can choose from. Everything from simple shop floor space which allows usage of specialty shop tools to assistance options for whatever is right for you, your budget or your mechanical skill set.

Option 2: F.A.B.

The F.A.B. (Factory Assist Build/Composite FX) option allows you to build your helicopter down at the Composite FX factory in Trenton, FL. using their specialty tools and recieving assistance in building to assure safety and correct building standards.

Option 3: L.A.B.

The L.A.B. (Location Assist Build/Storey Aviation) option is a program that allows for Storey Aviation to come to your location and assist you in certain areas of the building process to assure safety and correct building standards. If there are other customers in your area needing assistance, the travel costs can be shared. 

Option 4: D.B.

The D.B. (Dealer Build/Storey Aviation) option is where the dealer will build your helicopter for you and test fly.

Note: XEL model option only in U.S.


Option 5: F.B.

The F.B. (Factory Build/Composite FX) option is where the factory will build your helicopter for you and test fly.

Note: XEL model option only in U.S.


Solar T62-2A1 engine mount day

Why Storey Aviation?

Besides being conveniently located in Tennessee, Storey Aviation is dedicated and motivated to help others safely achieve their dream of personal helicopter ownership. Our goal is to help others overcome the feeling of uncertainty of taking on such a monumental project as I had when I was looking to purchase and build my helicopter.

Storey Aviation will help answer many of the unknown questions outside of just paying for a kit and hopefully building and maintaining it correctly. Storey Aviation goes beyond just being an alternative location to purchase your XE Series experimental helicopter.

When you purchase through Storey Aviation, we will guide you through the purchase process and discuss the options that are available so you will be more knowledgeable and confident in deciding which kit and options you select.

Once your order is placed and your deposit has been received, we will give you regular updates on the progress of your kit. Once the kit is assembled and ready for either pickup or delivery, we will notify you and assist in making arrangements if necessary.

All kits ordered through Storey Aviation, no matter if you build yourself or choose one of the build options, you will receive our custom cockpit checklists (made specifically for your aircraft) and assistance in registering your experimental aircraft with the FAA in Oklahoma City, OK.

The following is a quick breakdown of the services offered by Storey Aviation when choosing the different build options available.

If you choose to build yourself, along with FAA registration assistance and our custom cockpit checklists, you will also have full access to our unsurpassed customer service anytime. We will check in on you periodically after the sale, to ensure that you are progressing in your build and that you understand the build process correctly. Once finished with your build, if you bring your completed helicopter to us, we will do a onetime complimentary thorough preflight inspection for verification of correct build practices and set up, verify system rigging and a test flight. Safety is our top priority!

If you select Storey Aviation for Option 1-Dealer Assist Build or Option 4-Dealer Build, along with the professional quality build and wiring, custom cockpit checklist and FAA registration assistance, you will also receive assistance in build logs, system rigging, engine set up, blade balancing, blade tracking and final inspection prep. You will receive pilot logs, airframe logs, engine logs, rotor blade logs, and test flight to assure your helicopter is 100% safe and ready to go.

If you select to factory assist build or factory build, you will still receive one of our custom cockpit checklists and assistance in FAA registration.

Dave Storey overhauling CFX Mosquito XET parts


Storey Aviation, for all your purchasing, build and maintenance assistance needs or questions